follow your mind not your brain

Our body needs good nutrition, and so does our mind.

The three principles of a happy life are:


Our concepts

Happiness is helping others / Fighting for Freedom / Mind needs training /
Wisdom and Compassion / Renunciation = Letting Go / Cause and Effects /
Every phenomenon is Karma / Everything Changing Momentarily /
Impermanence is not scary / The scariest thing is closed-minded

The Golden Law

Everything we encounter is neither a coincidence nor a certainty.

All those we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch are bound by the golden law - cause and effect.

It is a universal truth and a belief laid deeply in our minds, not only religious proponents. However, what our mind understands is always covered by everyday life events. The way to clear these obscurations is to habituate a positive pattern to face every challenge.

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May these quotes empower you to reconnect with your mind.