freedom is our core value

“Human rights are of universal interest 

Because it is the inherent nature of all human beings 

To yearn for freedom, equality, and dignity 

And they have the right to achieve it.”

- The 14th Dalai Lama

the rarest freedom

The external world we face is not only a reflection of our inner world. It is also the cause and effect since beginningless time. Every good results are from a well-done job in the past. Similarly, we have to bear the responsibility for our misbehaviours. Nothing is accidental nor a must. 

The Freedoms & Endowments we have now may disappear in a mini-second, so it is crucial to remember everything happening now is just the rarest freedom.

The purpose of my life 

is to benefit all sentient beings

The Author holds the Buddhist philosophy -
"Wanting to be happy is the true nature of every sentient being"; and
"Helping others is the true source of all happiness".

She treasures every person she encounters and always wants to inspire people how she transformed her traumatised experiences  (Childhood trauma, sexual harassment, discrimination, layoff, PTSD etc.) into the nutrition of true happiness. 

Plus, She is an INFJ (the rarest personality) and
a member of Mensa (the High IQ society).
All these forms the unique her
and enables her to understand diverse people.

About The Author

Born in a Catholic family,
The author is an innate spiritual person, and
a long-time practitioner in various healing arts that learnt
from well-known spiritual teachers and associations. 

She is now a:

Tibetan Buddhism Practitioner
Gelug Lineage

Reiki Master
Usui Mikao Sensei and William Lee Rand's Karuna Lineage

Registered Experienced Advanced Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance USA ERYT, RCYT, Yin Yang Yoga Specialty

Certified Sound Healing Therapist
Nepal 3rd Generation Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi's Lineage

Akashic Record Practitioner
Maureen St Germain's Lineage

Qimen Dunjia Practitioner
TzChi Weng's Lineage

Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner
Spiritual Response Association

The author works in the aviation industry as her profession and holds a Professional Diploma in Applied Psychology.