I don't want other people to decide who I am.
I want to decide that for myself.
You see people as they go through their career,
and they just become more and more like everyone else.

-Emma Watson

healing, art and life

Every giving and taking has its value.
Balance is the keyword to sustain a fair trade.
Balance also is the path to an abundant life.
The two core shared characteristics of
healing, art and life are precious and priceless.

Since everything is priceless, generosity is the best way to offer your appreciation for the work you received
from The Rarest Freedom

Below is the suggested price range and information.

Chat with us for more details. 


♥︎ Tarot Reading
£30-£50 per 30 minutes 

♥︎ Reveal your Past Lives
£60 per 30 minutes 

♥︎ Qimen Dunjua
£100-£350 per chart

// One customer one topic at a time //

♥︎ Communication with Animals
£60 per 30 minutes 

// Recent picture and full name required //

Spiritual Healings

♥︎ Sound Healing / Yoga Class
Group / Private 1:1 / Private Group (In person ONLY)

£15-40 per 1.5-hour group session (max 8 people)
£75-100 per 1.5-hour private 1:1 session
£80-120 per 1.5-hour private group session (max 6 people)

Each person £15-40 / 45 mins Public Group (max. 8 people)
Each person £300-520 /45 mins Private Group (max 6 people)
Each person £75-150 / 45 mins 1:1 (Travel Fees Applies)

♥︎ Reiki Healing (Usui Reiki / Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki)
In person / Distant (1:1 ONLY) 

£100-300 per 45 mins 1:1 (Travel Fees Applies)
£60-150 per 1-hour 1:1 Distant session 

Design services

♣︎ Custom Illustration / Graphic Design 

£18-120 per hour across the whole project

Lead Time
Depends on illustration complexity

♣︎ Logo Design 

£500-2500 per design 

Lead Time
1 hour upto few days (depends on complexity)

including .jpeg .png .tiff .gif .exr .hdr .tga .pdf .psd .eps .svg files extension available

♣︎ Website Design (Hosting: Google site / Wix / Square Space etc.)
£700-£2,800 per website (depends on Complexity)

Lead Time
Depends on the contents

1. Website Layout Design
2. Features based on your business nature (Alternate Recommendation)
3. Google Shop set up & Google search console Indexing

Additional Chargeable Features
1. Logo, Business Card & Graphic Design
2. Google Ads
3. Google shop set up, Business email addresses
4. Your preferences

Advantages of using Google Site Hosting

♣︎ Google Site serves as a free website hosting, enabling New Business Starter, SMEs, and personal businesses to have a low-cost option

♣︎ Google Site works excellent with CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT codings

♣︎ Google Domain from £10 per year 

♣︎ Google Workspace charges £6 per user to have your company email

♣︎ Google Site can easily link with your Etsy / Gumtree / Amazon shops

Advantages of using WordPress / Wix / Square Space and other Hostings

♣︎ Different subscriptions enable users to handle bookings/membership/shopping functions without going to alternate platforms

♣︎ Some subscriptions offer freebies, like a free domain for one year